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5 C's for Change

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Discover The Untold Elements Of Change! Discover The Untold Elements of Change, Your Life Changing Experience Awaits You! 

Finally, You Can Fully Equip Yourself With These “Must Have” Personality Development Tools For Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle!

This book provides exceptional detail on the methods for creating the positive change you desire in your life. 

The methods are simple but the execution will take personal desire and may be uncomfortable at times.

By implementing and following the methods put forth in the book one will experience positive results from day one!

10 Daily Movements to Save Your Back

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As a Pilates Instructor, personal trainer, and lower back sufferer, I have created this guide of movements to stretch, strengthen, and help realign the lower back. I see individuals daily that have issues with their lower back and they come to me for relief. After years of suffering from lower back issues myself and using my knowledge to help others, I have compiled the 10 best movements to use daily to help the lower back. 

These are the same movements that I use and teach every day to help myself and my clients. These movements are comprised of years of research and a lot trial and error. They consist of various movements from functional training, Pilates, and movement pattern research.

The guide has been created for daily use which means that energy exertion is low for most and the level of difficulty is minimal. It comes with detailed instructions as well as illustrations of each movement. All movements have been tested over time on a variety of body types and physical considerations. This book is not a quick fix, it is a tool designed to help repair the lower back over time and through consistent daily use. It is always a good idea to speak with your doctor before starting a new workout regimen. 

Author, Chad Armijo, has earned a Masters of Science in Adult Teaching, a Masters of Science in Business, has over 300 instructor hours in comprehensive Pilates, is a TRX specialist and works as a personal trainer in the Vail Valley of Colorado. He has a passion for learning, teaching, and helping others. His goal with this book is to help minimize an ever-present problem that about 80% of the population faces daily.  

You can Start Improving your Life Today

Our simple Meditation Guide will show you how to be present and in the moment to relieve stress and improve your life